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In their search for the perfect product for Industrial Hand and Skin Care, Gebr Obstfeld GmbH in Germany put its Research & Development labs to work and created an exclusive product named REINOL. The resulting safety skin paste developed, is now sold across 21 countries and has become that perfect paste which has provided safety and skin care to millions of workers across all continents.

REINOL Safety Skin Paste has natural ingredients that roll over the skin to drive out the oil and soils trapped in pores, while the detergent free skin care ingredients hold them in suspension till they get rinsed off with water. After prolonged usage, the skin will no longer feel like leather - as the hands will remain clean, conditioned and protected.

Reinol Safety Skin Paste eliminates multiple inventory, usage and costs relating to barrier creams, aggressive soaps & detergents, washing powders & other such harmful substitutes. It is an economical yet high performance alternative compared to the existing unsuccessful & aggressive methods of ridding hands of such stubborn and harmful soils. Significantly, it is the ONLY product of its kind in this category.

As the name suggests, Reinol Safety Skin Paste is a paste-like product that is used to clean, condition and protect soiled hands of its users. Typically, its users comprise of Industrial workers that routinely soil their hands by constantly working with oils, dirt, grime, grease, carbon black, metallic dust, lubricants, inks, paints, thinners and other such hard to remove substances. More...